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NEDBIB-L is...

The NEDBIB-L discussion list is an exclusively Dutch language discussion list on librarianship and the information profession, used by about 1600 librarians, information professionals and others working in the field of information.

The website is intended to support the use of the listserv by giving information about how to use the listserv, how to disseminate mail through the list, netiquette. The site also supports changing the most common personal settings.


The list started in 1992 and currently has about 1600 subscribers. The list was setup by Lammert Zwaagstra who also designed the website. After a while, Henk Matheezing took over responsibility, extended the website and wrote documentation for its use. He was succeeded in 2006 by Arend-Jan Hak and Arno H.P. Reuser. Arno is currently the only maintainer and owner.


The list is hosted by using Listserv software by lsoft and sponsored by the Nederlandse Vereniging van Bibliothecarissen. The website is hosted by . The site was inherited from the previous version maintained by Henk Matheezing. The current version was rebuilt both technically using XML, XSLt and PERL on Linux using Firefox3. It should run on Windows and MAC machines as well.

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